On Meeting People

I sometimes hear my single friends say it’s hard meeting people.

I suppose if I had to meet people, I’d use the internet.  A reputable site that matches interests and all of that.

Where do people meet?  All kinds of places, I guess. I’m not sure lots of people feel very safe doing that anymore. Or if it’s a good idea for anyone.

Meeting in a song is a good gig if you can get it.   I recommend “13” by Big Star and “Bus Stop” by the Hollies. If you can find Leonard Cohen’s Tower of Song, that could also work. Jack White’s “We’re Going to Be Friends.”   “When Stars Go Blue” by Ryan Adams.

Carl Wilson’s voice.



“Thirteen” By Big Star Needs the “Wagon Wheel” Treatment


I still love “Wagon Wheel.”  I hear it live almost every single time I’m on the food truck and there’s an acoustic guitar somewhere in the same county.  Honestly.  It’s become something of a national anthem.

But seriously, have you ever heard “Thirteen” by Big Star?  It’s the best.  Garbage did a great cover, Wilco a decent one, and Evan Dando the best after Big Star’s original.

Even if you think you don’t know Big Star, you know Big Star’s lead singer.  Alex Chilton was only 16 when he cut another one of rock’s greatest records, “The Letter,” as lead singer of The Box Tops.

Five years later, “Thirteen.”  I discovered it via Spotify a few months ago, and it’s been in my head all day.