The Rapture Is Not Happening On Saturday, September 23

There are no hidden codes in the Bible.  That’s not what the Bible is.  That’s not how the Bible works.  That’s not how any of this works.

That said, here’s a video playlist of some songs that either directly or indirectly call to mind the end of days.

First, because I can’t shut up about it: “Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles

“Come Pick Me Up” by Ryan Adams.  This is the “I wrote this song today. It probably sucks” version.  Which is also the best version.  “When they call your name, will you walk right up, with a smile on your face?  Will you cower in fear in your favorite sweater with an old love letter?”

“I Wish We’d All Been Ready,” by Larry Norman, covered by DC Talk.  You don’t have to agree with the theology to behold the beauty of these vocals or the sadness of the prospect that this vision might be true.

“The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash.

“The Wanderer” by U2 and Johnny Cash.


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