Some Pun About Feeding People, Feeding the 5000, and then the 17 People Who Follow My Feed on Twitter

I’ve been a “religious professional” for 13 years. I’ve been working in my family’s food business for 30. In the past year, a few things have happened.

I’ve been a “religious professional” for 13 years.  I’ve been working in my family’s food business for 30.  In the past year, a few things have happened.

  1. After doing mobile concessions for over 40 years, we entered the food truck business last May.
  2. In the fall and winter, we got the opportunity open two brick-and-mortar operations, one in the still-pastoral setting of western Lehigh County, and one a few miles away in downtown Allentown, PA, where urban renewal, the creative class, enterprising locals, shades of political corruption and everything else you might imagine are intersecting to create dynamic change in the fastest-growing city in the state.  Once known mostly for the Billy Joel song, The Queen City  is shaking of its rustbelt rust, and our family is heavily committed to seeing rising tides lift all boats.  Easy stuff like that.
  3. I began a stated-supply ministry at a small church in western Lehigh County.

A few things about me.

I graduated from Yale Divinity School in 2005 and The New School’s Creative Writing program (MFA, Fiction) in 2011.

I’ve written here and there across the web and in print. I made some people mad with this.

I’ve worked in small churches and big churches, and with great pastors and not-so-great ones.  Great people and not-so-great people.  Suffering people, all.  Like me, like you.

Sometimes, I break liturgy.   The guiding lights in that collective are far flung now, so we do it in different ways.

I make great cheesesteaks.

I’m 36 years old.

I miss my grandfather and my grandmother, every single day.

I have OCD and General Anxiety Disorder.  People who say “I’m, like, soooo OCD,” generally annoy me.

I once got scolded by a pastor for using the f-word on Facebook to talk about exactly what we should do with the stigmas surrounding mental health issues.

Most of the funerals I’ve done have been in bars or on the low.

I’m fairly outspoken, but I try not to be outspoken for the sake of being outspoken.  At this particular moment in history, that is sometimes hard.

I’ve got some manuscripts finished and half-finished.  Many, many songs.  My first song-writing partner was my cousin when we were 6.  My second was a friend named Scott, who I love like a brother.  He died when we were 28.

I’ve starting picking up the guitar (again).  I love DC Comics.

I can drop weight fast, but not when I’m on SSRIs.  Being on them and a little full in certain places is better than being off them and thin.

My family is mostly Italian and Pennsylvania Dutch.  I am made of red sauce and bacon dressing.

Even so, I don’t eat pork.  I’m terrified that pigs are as smart as people say they are.

Dogs have souls, in any case.

I like Leonard Cohen.  I liked him before you did. I hate when people say that.

In person, professional baseball players are so much bigger than they seem on TV.

I am the emperor of oranges, now follow me, ok?